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Quality Assurance in Fastener Assembly from Start to Finish — Efficient Testing of Fasteners, Tools & Bolted Joints

call actions or recourse claims. In this interview, Wilfried Blechmann, Head of Kistler’s Fastening Technology Business Line, explains the key points in quality assurance for fastening technology, and he goes on to describe the systems that provide effective support for users in every step of the process.

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Anti-Loosening Double Nut Bolt

What is the PLB v2?
The PLB v2 has been designed to address the issues associated with the self-loosening of a bolted
joint. By design, the PLB v2 consists of a dual-thread screw shaft and two nuts of different thread
pitches. The first, or big lead nut on the shaft, is a multiplies-thread nut. The outer or secondary nut on
the shaft is a single-thread nut.
As for double nuts assembly, vibration initiates loosening with the inner nut. With PLB v2, the inner
nut’s advance is blocked by the slower-moving outer nut.
The mechanical lock is the secret to the PLB v2 Antiloosening design. No other fastener system in the world can make this offer. Most other anti-loosening kits use “friction” for their anti-loosening function
despite its uncertainty. However, PLB v2 has a reliable solution.

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