Anti-Loosening Double Nut Bolt

by Yuki Okimoto, Nissei Co Ltd.

What is the PLB v2?
The PLB v2 has been designed to address the issues associated with the self-loosening of a bolted joint. By design, the PLB v2 consists of a dual-thread screw shaft and two nuts of different thread pitches. The first, or big lead nut on the shaft, is a multiplies-thread nut. The outer or secondary nut on
the shaft is a single-thread nut.

As for double nuts assembly, vibration initiates loosening with the inner nut. With PLB v2, the inner nut’s advance is blocked by the slower-moving outer nut.

The mechanical lock is the secret to the PLB v2 Antiloosening design. No other fastener system in the world can make this offer. Most other anti-loosening kits use “friction” for their anti-loosening function despite its uncertainty. However, PLB v2 has a reliable solution.

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