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Fastener Focus, the “magazine in a magazine” delivers extensive coverage of the distribution, OEM and end-use of fastener products. Fastener Focus is concentrated on how fastener products are marketed, distributed and applied. In addition to targeted editorial coverage, Fastener Focus will provide feature coverage along with bonus distribution at important industry events and the FREE Company Profile bonus in the August issue.

If you are looking to reach the DISTRIBUTION, OEM and END USER channels of the fastener industry, Fastener Focus delivers the exclusive coverage, readership and results you would expect from the industry’s leading publication.

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Fastener Focus

New Line of Premium Stainless Steel Blocks and Sheaves

by Katie Kastanek, Suncor Stainless, Inc. Suncor Stainless, Inc., Plymouth, MA, USA, a leading manufacturer of stainless steel hardware, has

The traveling salesman spends 10 minutes with Salim Brahimi

Traveling Salesman (TS): So, to some part of the fastener industry, you are Salim Brahimi, instructor for the Fastener Training

Screws for plastic: How to select fasteners for plastic joints

Design Engineers are often challenged to find the right type of fastener for the right application. Two of the biggest challenges are lack of experience and information. This article, the EES-0041 Screws for Plastic Eisen Design Engineering Guide, will give you the information you need to classify the type of plastic joint, and then assist in selection of a fastener that is adequate, and trouble-free. Availability of materials and time limitations can also affect which fastener gets chosen.

How to design the proper hole for heat ultrasonic inserts

Threaded inserts for plastics let designers replace machined and cast metal parts with plastic for cost and weight savings while maintaining bolted joint strength, provided the hole in which the insert is used is designed correctly.

An Insight Into Trends in the Fastener Industry 2022

by Peter Karaszi, BUMAX AB As we move into another exciting year for the fastener manufacturing industry, Lars Holm, who

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