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Fastener Focus, the “magazine in a magazine” delivers extensive coverage of the distribution, OEM and end-use of fastener products. Fastener Focus is concentrated on how fastener products are marketed, distributed and applied. In addition to targeted editorial coverage, Fastener Focus will provide feature coverage along with bonus distribution at important industry events and the FREE Company Profile bonus in the August issue.

If you are looking to reach the DISTRIBUTION, OEM and END USER channels of the fastener industry, Fastener Focus delivers the exclusive coverage, readership and results you would expect from the industry’s leading publication.

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Fastener Focus

Preferably Plastic: Plastic vs. Metal Makes the Cut

When it comes to plastic vs. metal fasteners, plastic wins! View full article in the digital edition

The Traveling Salesman Spends 10 Minutes with…Matthew Boyd, VP of Sales Parker Fasteners

Traveling Salesman (TS): Matthew Boyd, you are the Vice President of Sales for Parker Fasteners. How long have you been

In-Person Event: “A Great Success”

by Laura Vath, Controller Solution Industries As part of the daytime activities of the North Coast Fastener Association’s (NCFA) Distributor

The Traveling Salesman Spends 10 Minutes with Des Broderick

First of all, thank you for your patience and kindness with taking the time to answer all these questions from some Traveling Salesman pestering you from the United States. In 2019, I finally got the opportunity to travel to Ireland and since then it has been of interest to me to interview a distributor. I see from your website you have three locations located in Dublin, Belfast and in Glasgow in Scotland. And when I look at your site I see you distribute several specialty fastener lines. Of course, you also carry show a lot of standard products too. And you have been in business since 1967, so more than 50 years. That is outstanding. Tell us a little bit about Appian. Who owns the company? Share a little history.based in Ireland.

The Fundamentals of Platings vs. Coatings

Why Are Platings & Coatings Important? The greatest enemy to fasteners is corrosion. Once corrosion begins, fasteners start to break down quickly, reducing their effectiveness and life span of any application. Fasteners made from carbon or high-strength alloy steels, that are subjected to harsh environments or hazardous chemicals, typically have a plating or coating applied to their surface to protect the steel underneath. Fasteners that lack this protective layer can become damaged, ultimately compromising their assemblies, which can be both dangerous and costly to replace

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