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An Insight Into Trends in the Fastener Industry 2022

by Peter Karaszi, BUMAX AB

As we move into another exciting year for the fastener manufacturing industry, Lars Holm, who is the Managing Director of Swedish specialist stainless steel fastener producer, BUMAX AB, provides us with his insights into what he sees as the three most important industry trends in the year 2022. Lars Holm
has accumulated a decade-long background from the global logistics, manufacturing, adhesive and tooling industries.

According to Lars Holm, the following three points should be considered as companies in the fastener industry move forward:
Growing Importance of Sustainability – Many industries are facing greater demands for sustainability and circularity—including product Life
Cycle Assessments (LCAs) and Environmental Product Declarations (EPDs). Stainless steel is highly
recyclable, which means that stainless steel fasteners can be a more sustainable material option than
carbon steel in many applications.

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