New Legislation “The Right to Repair” in 2022

by TR Fastenings Ltd.

The environmental ‘Right to Repair’ (R2R) legislation has put consumers back in charge of their electrical goods and helps to address the ‘throwaway tech culture’ head-on, which TR Fastenings, East Sussex, UK, supports.

After years of campaigning, this EU legislation will drive change in assembly methods with a major shift in how electronics and domestic appliances will be manufactured and serviced. It is already playing a key role in helping to extend product life, cut carbon emissions and reduce landfills. Where there are more
mechanical assembly methods employed there could even be a boost to create more jobs within the industry sector.

Benefit to Consumers
Currently if an electrical product or domestic appliance develops a fault, having the ability to source spare parts and fix it yourself, or use an independent repairs service provider, has always made perfect sense. However, this has not really been possible for a long time.

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