Fastener Inspection Machines

by Danielle Crittenden, Marketing Coordinator General Inspection, LLC

General Inspection provides high-speed, 100% inspection machines and single-piece inspection machines for QC and shop floor quality checks for fasteners and other turned parts. The Gi-360T, Gi-100DT, GiHALO and VisionLab are the best inspection system options for fasteners.

The Gi-360T is a high-speed, 360° laser gauging machine that utilizes an eight detector laser array to measure part profiles at rates up to 400 ppm. The machine uses eight additional sensors and real-time part velocity calculation to create a 3D profile of each part, along with measurement of a wide range of definable features to determine if each part meets exact dimensional requirements. The GI-360 measures several crucial fastener features such as head diameter, lengths, straightness, concentricity and threads (including major, minor, and pitch diameter). It also detects any damaged threads. The GI360T includes a tilt and lift feature for the laser head. This ensures the lasers are perpendicular to the part and corrects for the cosine error of headed parts, providing unparalleled measurements of diameters, lengths, angles and radii. The Gi-360T inspection machine also has optional Axial Vision for critical head/flange crack detection as well as optional Eddy-Current to verify parts have been heat treated.

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