Engineered Automated Counting & Packaging Solutions

by Raven Easton, Marketing/Project Manager Batching Systems, Inc.

Batching Systems, Inc. specializes in engineered automated packaging solutions. We have been engineering, manufacturing and integrating packaging lines for over 30 years. We offer full turnkey integration of our patented counters and weighers to virtually any type of bagger, magnetic orientation system, box handling equipment, blister carousel, clamshell system and container handling equipment.

Latest Accurate High-Speed Counting System
Batchmaster® Counters are the only counters that utilize patented dual view scanners that provide the highest accuracy count possible. Out of tolerance parts are rejected prior to entering a package. The latest Batchmaster IV counter (BMIV) is an accurate high-speed counting system that detects and rejects parts one-third smaller or larger than a target part thereby separating (sorting) the good parts from the bad. The processing unit is designed with a transparent front panel for visual inspection of gate movement and product flow. These counters can easily integrate with upstream and downstream packaging equipment. Batching Systems can provide standalone counters or fully integrated turnkey packaging systems.

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