Rolling Process Seeing Increased Use

FTI Editor

A technology that is quickly expanding in many fields thanks to competitive features such as optimization of time and production costs and significantly higher product quality, is the rolling process. And this is also true thanks to the technical innovations proposed by ORT ITALIA, an Italian company leading in the rolling process field. ORT ITALIA has its main strength in its research and development department.

Founded in 1964 by the Cavagnoli brothers, ORT ITALIA was acquired in 2013 by JAM JOVIS, the property of Franco Mizzotti, who realized a winning strategy allowing ORT to provide all the production processes from design to finished product. This capability also provides a great advantage for managing and controlling of time and quality. ORT ITALIA’s research activity is constantly striving to develop new rolling machines for many different application fields. The company also supplies the more traditional rolling machine types such as for construction, aeronautics, railway, automotive and the recently new innovative applications such as
eolic, nuclear and many others. The advantages of the rolling process are being more and more recognized, because the rolling process offers better results relative to quality, costs and production time.

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