In-Person Event: “A Great Success”

by Laura Vath, Controller Solution Industries

As part of the daytime activities of the North Coast Fastener Association’s (NCFA) Distributor Social, Solution Industries threw its doors wide open and hosted a day filled with technical classes, taco trucks, facility tours and some good-natured videos highlighting some of the Solution staff members.

Starting at 9 AM, Solution Industries sponsored a class on Hydrogen Embrittlement that was conducted by Carmen Vertullo and Rob Lapointe of AIM Testing Labs. Approximately 50 people attended this class and were treated to some great technical training in addition to some nifty dancing by Rob Lapointe, as he used his dance moves to visually depict how grain flows as materials move when they are heated or cooled. Unfortunately, no video of this dancing display was captured or it would be liberally shared on social media.

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