The Traveling Salesman Spends 10 Minutes with…Matthew Boyd, VP of Sales Parker Fasteners

Traveling Salesman (TS): Matthew Boyd, you are the Vice President of Sales for Parker Fasteners. How long have you been with Parker and how did you end up with the company?

Matt: Thank you, TS, for the opportunity. I have been with Parker Fasteners for eight years, September of this year. Previous to Parker Fasteners, I spent almost 13 years in distribution, working the last four years as a District Manager for the Fastenal Company. When Parker Fasteners started to call on me as a local customer, I was intrigued by Parker Fasteners. Not many fastener manufacturers are starting from scratch these days, so my interest started from that point. Overall, making the transition from distribution to manufacturing was a challenge, however I would do it again in a heartbeat!

TS: Please share with us a little bit of the history of Parker Fasteners.

Matt: Parker Fasteners was founded by Robert Parker in May of 2012. With over 20 years of experience in fastener manufacturing, Robert brought instant creditability and know-how to the operation.

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