The Traveling Salesman Spends 10 Minutes with Des Broderick

Des Broderick, Managing Director, Appian Fasteners

Traveling Salesman (TS): First of all, thank you for your patience and kindness with taking the time to answer all these questions from some Traveling Salesman pestering you from the United States. In 2019, I finally got the opportunity to travel to Ireland and since then it has been of interest to me to interview a distributor based in Ireland.

I see from your website you have three locations located in Dublin, Belfast and in Glasgow in Scotland. And when I look at your site I see you distribute several specialty fastener lines. Of course, you also carry show a lot of standard products too. And you have been in business since 1967, so more than 50 years. That is outstanding. Tell us a little bit about Appian. Who owns the company? Share a little history.

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