The Fundamentals of Platings vs. Coatings

Kevin Connolly, Applications Engineer, Earnest Machine

Why Are Platings & Coatings Important? The greatest enemy to fasteners is corrosion. Once corrosion begins, fasteners start to break down quickly, reducing their effectiveness and life span of any application. Fasteners made from carbon or high-strength alloy steels, that are subjected to harsh environments or hazardous chemicals, typically have a plating or coating applied to their surface to protect the steel underneath. Fasteners that lack this protective layer can become damaged, ultimately compromising their assemblies, which can be both dangerous and costly to replace. Therefore, the solution is to determine the correct plating or coating needed for your fastener’s specific application. Not only can this help protect against corrosion and harsh environments, but choosing the right plating or coating will also ensure you achieve the correct clamp load at the specified torque, maximizing the life of any assembly.

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