February/March 2024

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FTI February/March 2024 Contents:

Trade Event Preview Articles:

  • wire Düsseldorf 2024: Fastener Exhibits
  • Pac-West 2024 Spring Conference & Tabletop Show

Roundup Articles: 1. Heat Treatment, 2. Nailmaking

Spotlight Article: Tooling

Features & Tech Briefs:

  • Mastering the Art of Machine Tooling, by Jesse Maga
  • Stainless Wire Phosphated, by Na Xu and Dr. Gerhard H. Arfmann
  • Forging Machines and Tooling Techniques, by Yoichi Ito
  • Top Products of 2023                           
  • 10 Areas Manufacturers Might See an Impact from Artificial Intelligence, by John Davis
  • Environmentally Friendly Surface Hardening, by Mia Grundtvig
  • Efficient, Innovative & Sustainable Component Cleaning, by Kathrin Gross
  • XRF Analyzer for Fasteners
  • Celebrating the Legacy of Hans H. Koehl
  • Safely and Cost-Effectively Calibrating Torque Wrenches, by Elisabeth Iancu
  • Supply Chain Optimization Through Innovation & Evolution, by Adrian Wood

Plus…Industry, Corporate, Regional and Product News; USPTO Patents; Byline Columns

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