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From Scandal to Solution: Existing Tools that Could Have Stopped a Counterfeit Spare Parts Fraud

by Lonni Kieffer, Head of Customer Success Aramid Technologies

Authorities have now found 97 instances of parts sold with falsified documentation, impacting an estimated 100 planes.

Aramid Technologies, the creator of SmartCert and a leader in aerospace quality assurance, offers a summary and insight related to the recent counterfeit aircraft parts scandal involving London, UK-based AOG Technics. The European Union Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) and Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) have confirmed that UK-based AOG Technics distributed parts for one of the most widely used commercial aircraft engines, falsely certifying they were manufactured by Safran and General Electric (GE). In July a maintenance shop flagged suspicious parts that looked to have been previously used, but were accompanied by Author- ized Release Certificates (ARCs) indicating they were new.

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