Constructing Inexpensive Testing Chamber for In-House Testing of Corrosion Protection Products

Fastener corrosion is one of the most prevalent issues causing fastener failure. By itself, a corroded fastener isn’t a big deal, as fasteners are low-cost and easy to replace. However, a corrosion-related fastener failure may result in a catastrophic and more costly failure in the item being held together by the failing fastener.

No matter the cause, fastener corrosion has significant ramifications. If a fastener corrodes, it degrades the structural integrity of the items to which they are attached and could cause the entire item to fail. Luckily, many surface coating products are available to stop corrosion. They work by creating a barrier between the fastener and any corrosive materials such as other dissimilar metals, air and water. The trick is to determine which product(s) work best for you in your environment.

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