Common Coating Application Practices To Prevent Bimetallic Corrosion

by Wyatt J. Bauer Director of Engineering Rie Coatings LLC

Whether you realize it or not, coatings are everywhere. From the car that you drive, to the truck that delivers you products, to the cell phone that you check regularly, to the laptop that you may be reading this on, the use and application of coatings is broad and widespread. Coatings are oftentimes a solution
to long-term challenges in industry including the costly and critical problem of corrosion. In many industries, complications often arise when mating metals and various alloyed parts together. One of these issues is galvanic corrosion (also known as bimetallic corrosion). This type of corrosion occurs when two different metals that are in contact with one another corrode in the presence of an electrolyte—water (H2O) being one of the most abundant and familiar electrolytes.

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