Electromechanical joining module for clinching & riveting

Kistler is adding a compact, weight-optimized system to its portfolio: the new NCFC electromechanical joining module. This is a highly suitable solution for clinching and riveting applications, and also for assembly and joining processes that require force-displacement monitoring. Another highlight of the new NCFC servo press is that it needs very little installation space, so weight and center of gravity design are optimized—particularly for robot arm applications. Clinching (also known as press-joining) is an efficient and reliable joining process that is becoming increasingly attractive to industrial manufacturers because it requires no additional components such as rivets or bolts. And unlike drilling or welding, clinching does not generate any heat input. Clinching requires less energy and maintenance effort than spot welding. And depending on the material and process, the strength values of clinched joints are often equal or sometimes even higher, and the processes can also be controlled with greater ease and accuracy.

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