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Sorting System with Next-Generation Technology

by Torsten Viebahnn, GEFRA GmbH

GEFRA GmbH is the developer and producer of OptiSort sorting and inspecting machines.

At GEFRA, we continuously improve our systems for the benefit of our customers, therefore we have advanced our SFS System (SFS = shape from shading) and are able to include all necessary components into a smaller camera system including the extensive lighting. The SFS technology uses several images with different directions of lighting. These pictures are combined together and calculated by an algorithm to one single image. As a result, an image is produced containing all shape information of the surface. Every small surface defect can be shown and detected very effectively.

The new computer system we have developed allows us to increase the speed with SFS from the top and bottom up to 700 ppm. The smaller ring light allows us to change the position between the top and bottom so that we will have a much better image, which gives a very good result.

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