Helping Hold the World Together

by Joe Hachadoorian – Central Wire Industries

When we look around our world, almost without exception everything we see is something that has been assembled. Everything—aircraft, automobiles, furniture, buildings/houses, consumer goods of all kinds, computers, printers, roadways, road signs and on and on. Sure, some are held together with glue of sorts, some welded, but the overwhelming majority are built, joined and constructed with fasteners. Fasteners are screws, bolts, rivets, nuts and more.

So where do all of these fasteners come from, and how are they made? The start of this “food chain” begins with the raw materials. In fastener manufacturing, that would be wire coiled material and bar stock—and in the case of nickel-based and stainless steels, that is where Central Wire Industries (CWI) comes into the supply chain. CWI supplies material for the production of all those billions of fasteners produced every year.

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