Coatings for the Electric Vehicle Evolution

by Don George – Michigan Metal Coatings Company

The automotive marketplace is exploding with new electric vehicle (EV) designs for the electrification of the automotive industry, and the demand for these EVs is certainly real and here! Current Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM) as well as new EV manufactures are investing all their engineering resources, and incredible amounts of money, into innovation and design to attract customers for this movement. Electric motors, batteries and power train components, etc., will all require protective coatings that will ensure corrosion protection, temperature protection and electric conductivity as well as coatings that are friendly with lightweight, high-strength materials.

As the automotive industry evolves into the design, manufacturing and assembly of electric vehicles, so does the coatings needed for these vehicles and their components. Many of the existing coatings will work fi ne in certain applications, but other areas of the EVs will require additional needs.

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