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The Traveling Salesman Spends 10 Minutes with Baron Yarborough, Spring Bolt and Nut Manufacturing

Traveling Salesman (TS): OK, so I’ve seen that you are now the Chairman and Executive Director of the Southwest Fastener Association. You were once the leader of the Young Fastener Professionals organization. And a couple years ago you were chosen as the Young Fastener Professional of the year and honored at the Vegas Show. And, you are still kind of a young guy in this industry, at least compared to me! So, I think it is about time we find out a little more about the “The Bearded Nut”, as you are known in the Twitter world. You ready for this?

Baron: Let’s do it!

TS: Most importantly, when is the last photo you have when you were without your distinctive long red beard?

Baron: My distinctive beard has slowly been getting long since I joined the industry. I think the last time there is record of me clean shaven would be my yearbook photo from my sophomore year of high school. I grew a goatee that year and it has been spreading ever since.

TS: Now, back to fasteners. How did you first get involved in the industry and how long have you been
doing this?

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