Testing of Bolts, Screws & Studs to DIN EN ISO 898-1, ASTM F606-1 & DIN EN ISO 3506-1

by: Alan Thomas, Marketing Department, ZwickRoell

The testing of bolts, screws and studs in accordance with DIN EN ISO 898-1, ASTM F606-1 and DIN EN ISO 3506-1 is used to determine mechanical properties such as tensile strength, offset yield, fracture elongation or hardness.

Some of the most important fasteners—bolts, screws and studs—are not only considered universally important in industry settings, but also for every day purposes. They are used in construction of complex machinery and equipment as well as vehicles and buildings. Since mechanical stress is concentrated on these types of connection points, the integrity of fasteners is extremely important. Therefore bolts, screws and nuts are subject to strict safety requirements.

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