Automatic Tapping Machines by Reversing Spindles — Internal Threads for Metal Parts

Loris Pipitone, H.S. Automazioni Srl

The Automatic Tapping Machines from H.S. Automazioni Srl, a company belonging to the Sacma Group, are based on the reversible spindle architecture, mechanically driven by lead screw or brushless synchronized motion systems. Internal threads, within the range M2 to M36 can be executed with standard taps in both the technologies, cutting and forming. Modularity is at the base of our machines. In relation to the characteristics of the application, it is possible to place single/double spindles in that way resulting in two autonomous working areas. Flexibility is also maximized since there is the possibility to work two different parts at the same time in a completely autonomous process. Precision in operation is achieved by means the structural rigidity of the frame and the very fine design and engineering of the positioning/clamping devices.

Orthogonality and concentricity as well as the other dimensional/geometrical features, are life-long guaranteed. In terms of productivity, a configuration with four spindles, with an output rate about 200 ppm, represents the most complete machine architecture.

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