State-of-the-Art 100% Inspection & Sorting for Heat Treatment

by: Alex Bar, Dimac Srl

Heat treatment is very important for automotive safety fasteners. It’s a delicate process, which could be monitored by the modern Industry 4.0 technologies, but still requires a final 100% analysis of each part before shipment in order to fulfil the automotive supply chain requirements.

Heat Treatment Control is surely a kind of NDT (Non-Destructive Testing) inspection on which Dimac Srl has invested important research and development energies during the past three years, reaching today outstanding performances in terms of sorting rate and inspection accuracy.

Partnering with the most important NDT device manufacturers for HT detection, Dimac has renewed all the machines of the range with state-of-the-art NDT Stations capable of performing this crucial control with the highest accuracy and productivity rate.

The eddy current station scans the part by mean of 24 different frequencies to detect any minimum variation of the material structure as well as to detect plating and surface coating problems in order to prevent any premature fastener failures.

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