Spotlight on Cold Forming Machinery & Tooling

by Mike McNulty, Editor, Fastener Technology International

Incremental innovations and new features in cold forming machines and tools are common, and typical themes for development include higher forming loads and speeds as well as longer tooling life from the use of coatings. Machine and tool developments coupled with general improvements in simulation, programming, operator interfaces, parts handling and computer processing speeds are helping fastener manufacturers to form standard and custom parts and materials at high levels of production and quality. Here are a few specific cold forming performance developments:
New transfer systems
Specialized lines to produce long bolts from coil
High precision and long durability tooling
Analytics, data and “Industry 4.0” enhanced machinery
Double blow header with an integrated threading station
Synchronous cold forming that replaces multi-step manufacturing processes

The cold forming process itself goes back to the 19th century, and was used as early as 1850 to make nails…

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