New Transfer System

by: Frederic Nathan, Senior Commercial & Marketing Manager, SACMA Limbiate SpA

Following the success of S-Feed, the wire feeder with servomotor, first mechatronic application of the Sacma Group, the new S-Transfer is now ready and available for the 6 die progressive headers from size 4 to size 6.

The mechanical transfer from Sacma is appreciated for precision, versatility and reliability. Its unique design, together with the quality of materials and precise construction, allows the transporting of the widest range of parts, from shorter to longer parts, at high speed and assuring a constant performance over the years, with minor maintenance costs. The S-Transfer combines all these features with new important functions, improving production efficiency and ease of use.

After a long time of testing by research and development and industrial production, Sacma can guarantee for the S-Transfer the same reliability as the traditional version, combined with the flexibility and friendly use typical of mechatronic applications.

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