IFI Update

by: Salim Brahimi, P.Eng., Ph.D. Director of Engineering & Technology Industrial Fasteners Institute

IFI Book of Fastener Standards, Research Council on Structural Connections, Consensus Standards

The year 2021 is starting out where 2020 left off with a global pandemic that has caused so much
misery and has challenged us as individuals and as members of society. Fortunately, there is light at
the end of the tunnel with the incredibly fast development of vaccines. Yet, as the enormous
vaccination campaign is being implemented, let us remain vigilant to stem the spread of the virus
while continuing to fulfill our personal and professional responsibilities. Let is continue to re-think
and to re-do, to re-invent, to prioritize, and most importantly, with an emphasis on the meaningful
things. Let us reach out to help, even in the smallest way, all those who are in need. Generosity and
kindness will help us overcome.

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