Chemical Resistance Guide for Metals and Alloys II


This 439 page guide contains data for more than 33,000 combinations of corrodents vs. metals, metal alloys and carbon.

This new edition includes 35% new data and covers 963 chemical or harsh environments.

The expanded galvanic series now covers 120 metals. More categories and synonyms make it easier than ever to use.

*Includes FREE Buyers’ Guide through 6/1/2022



*Includes FREE Buyers’ Guide through 6/1/2022

  • 963 liquid or dry chemicals, gasses, lubricants, household fluids, foods, atmospheres, and other environments are covered.
  • 70 chemical trade names covered.
  • 500 synonyms of covered Chemicals, Gases, etc., indexed to page numbers.
  • Corrodents listed in alphabetical order.
  • Data are presented in symbolic format (A, B, C, NR). See the sample page.
  • Where known chemical resistance varies with concentration and temperature, data is presented in descending order of concentration and temperature.
  • Mechanical, physical and electrical properties data for each metal is provided,
  • An electromotive or galvanic series list covering 120 metals alloys and carbon is included.
  • Printed on semigloss, 70 pound, plastic coated bond paper to last several years,
  • Machinability ratings for most metals, including some specific S.F.M. rates.
  • Creep or stress relaxation rates at various levels of stress, temperature and time are included.
  • Case bound hardcover.
  • 439 pages, 8 1/2 x 11 page size.
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